Saturday, November 7, 2009

Update on Matthew in Houston

We wanted to update you on how things have been going since we left for Houston.

Matthew & I left Knoxville on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 6:30 p.m. The flight was great with no delays. After getting luggage and a rental car, we traveled 45 min to Houston to the Residence Inn. Greg had programmed the GPS so that we could just turn it on and go - to the hotel, the clinics and the Mall. Ha! Thanks Greg!

After a good night's sleep, we went to the Burzynski Clinic on Friday. They were VERY cordial & acted as if they were "waiting" for Matthew. They were ready at the front desk with a specific itinerary with his name on it. We went to the registration office and they said, "Hello, you must be Matthew!" Pretty nice. The lady who I had spoken to on the phone that is our case worker came in to meet us as well. She secured all the phone numbers we would need at the clinic during our stay and brought them to us.

Then we saw Dr. Eva Kubove. She has worked with Dr. Burzynski for 25 years. She knew Matthew's case inside and out and had lots of notes in front of her as she talked with us. We met with her approx an hour. In addition to asking Matthew many questions to complete his file, she was very informative about the type of genetic treatment they do, how it works and even about new meds coming out (one this Monday) that are testing positively for soft sarcoma (that Matthew has).

Dr. Kubove left us to consult with Dr. Burzynski and returned about 25 minutes later with him and another doctor, Dr. Weaver. They told us that depending on the results of his genetic testing (to determine genetic cancer markers), they will then be able to tell us what specific treatment would work for Matthew. That should be completed by Wed or Thurs when they will present their plan to us. If we choose to go with the treatment Matthew can start the next day. They agreed (and actually encouraged Matthew) to continue his current chemo in TN if it is keeping the cancer stable while this other treatment is working.

Our overall impression was very good.

On Monday, we go to MD Anderson for an appointment with Dr. Pete Anderson. I'll update you after that visit & then later in the week as have more information. We're not sure how long we'll ultimately be here but know we'll be here at least through next week.

Matthew has felt much better since we've been here than he has the past week in TN. We are praising the Lord for that! We actually went to the HUGE Galleria Mall, had supper and walked around last night. Then we went to the movies before coming "home" and crashing early.

We had an early breakfast and have been relaxing since- me on computer, Matthew playing a video game. I bought 5 Christmas gifts online this morning! How cool was that!

We are so thankful for how God is working in our lives (and others) during this process. We had precious friends that provided us with their Marriott points so that we can stay for 12 days FREE. (We are staying in a Residence Inn with 2 bedrooms/baths, kitchen/living rm.) Other good friends and our Sunday School class provided for our rental car and money for additional expenses. Nobody said anything about needs, but God impressed these things on their hearts and they came to us with their gifts.

Needless to say the amount of prayer that has been going up is phenominal! We are so appreciative & humbled by it. We know that God is in the midst of what we are doing and where we are going. He has given us a positive spirit and peace in our hearts.

May you and yours be blessed today. We'll chat again soon.


nbta said...

Bless you all. Thank you for you witness and testimony. We will continue to pray.

Nancy said...

Thank YOU, NBTA, for your prayer support for these past 3 years!! Hope to meet you one of these days - if not here - in heaven for sure!

quig said...

We continue to pray for you all. I agree with NBTA you and Matthew and your family are like a bright star in my life. God is with you and among us. Peace, john