Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick Update

Dear Friends and Family,

I just wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the latest schedule for Matthew. He has completed 2 rounds of the new medication that began in June. On Mon., July 28, Matthew will have a scan to determine how well this medication is working. He will receive results on Wed., July 30. I will send out an update as soon after that as possible.

Please continue to enjoy Matthew's picture that Ian has posted and print it out if you wish. Please see below for instructions from Ian. We have had enthusiastic response from Ian's blog entry! We are SO thankful!

Love, Nancy

Monday, July 14, 2008


Hello everyone,

I'm writing today to ask your help in healing my brother. I went home recently to spend time with him and my parents. It was a heavy emotional experience to say the least. We are desperate for hope right now, especially since his last two treatments were shown to be ineffective against combating the cancer. I haven't spoken up much about his condition, I guess somehow it was a coping mechanism -- I didn't want to really believe that my 23 year old brother, whom I love very much, is still battling this vicious disease. After over a year and a half of this, I want to try and multiply the power of the multitude of people supporting and praying for Matt all over the world. Whatever your beliefs may be, I know that visualization has a lot to do with how we as humans connect on a spiritual level. I took this picture of Matt from an overlook in our neighborhood while I was in Tennessee. I ask you to print out this prayer card (It fits perfectly on an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper) and put in it in your daily sight. Please have it in your presence when you pray, send loving thoughts, or any similar meditative activity. I have also included a high resolution photo if you want to use it in another form, and a smaller photo if you want to have something to print that will fit in a book or wallet. Please print any or all of these, forward this message to friends, notify your support groups, and through this collective network of love, I know we can help heal this amazing person. I love Matt Fay, odds are you do too.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunny & breezy in East Tennessee

Dear Friends and Family,

Just wanted to bring you up to speed on the last 2 weeks.

Matthew completed 5 days of chemo treatments on Friday, June 20th. The week started out uneventful but as it progressed became quite grueling. Matthew was very ill from Friday to Tuesday and then had an additional 5 days of feeling very weak, tired and nausous.

Yesterday, (Monday, June 30) Matthew had an amazing day of strength and feeling alot better. What a blessing! Today started out good, as well, but this afternoon, has taken a bit of downturn. We are so thankful for every hour that is a good hour for him.

Ian has been with us since June 22 and plans to stay until after the 4th of July. It's been great having him here. Obviously, Matthew has enjoyed having him to "hang out" with, someone other than the old parents he sees daily! Ha!

Matthew begins another round of chemo treatments on Monday, July 7th that will last for 5 days. The treatments will be identical to the ones he finished on June 20. After having two weeks off from the treatments, he will have a scan to see how this medication is working. That will be the last week of July.

We have received many loving calls, cards, e-mails, food and treats these last 3 weeks. Thank you so much! God's timing is so perfect as He works through you as His Angels to encourage us and meet our many needs. It continues to remind us that we are not alone in this journey!

Love, Nancy