Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful Day in Tennessee!

Wow!  What a beautiful day in East TN today!  Yesterday and today the temps are reaching the 80's so it really feels more like summer than spring.  The sun is shining from a gorgeous blue sky. Everything is very green already and almost looks like it's growing before our eyes!  What a glorious spring.

Matthew just completed a week of chemo and had his shot today.  He is sleeping as I type this update.  We are very thankful he has had an easier week than last time (3 wks ago).  He will have 2 wks off, another week of chemo and then the doctor plans to schedule a scan.  To this point in 2009, the cancer has remained "stable".  

Matthew has felt pretty well between treatments and is eating well.  He has begun a new diet that is geared around a plant-based diet, soy instead of regular dairy, mainly fish with little meat, organic as much as possible, nothing containing sugar or high-fructose corn syrup plus juicing vegetables and fruits.  

Matthew has always had a lot of will power and the ability to stick with something once he's started.  His handling of this new diet is no different.  He's doing SO well!  Greg and I are joining in the diet with him as well as his brother Ian in DC.  Actually Ian is the one that has done all the research and is responsible for us being on the diet and doing the juicing.  Thanks Ian for your hard work!!

If all goes well in May, Matthew is planning a trip to the beach with friends.  He is really looking forward to that!!

Thanks for your continued prayers for us as we travel this arduous journey.  I pray that you will be blessed beyond measure for your faithfulness.