Tuesday, September 15, 2009

4 day work week for Matthew

Matthew was able to take his chemo treatments last week - Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri & got his shot on Sat. He didn't have to go back yesterday for a 5th treatment which was good. He did have a pretty tough weekend though but is doing a bit better now.

His next scan is this Friday (Sept 18) at 1 pm. We'll receive the results when we see the doctor next Wed (Sept 23). I'll update you at that time.

Our doctor here (Dr. Dobbs) had a conversation with our doctor in New York (Dr. Wexler). There is a clinical trial in process at Sloan Kettering with possibilities for Matthew for the future if the current treatment starts waning. The longer a person is on a treatment, the more the cancer cells build resistance to the it which is why Matthew's current treatment doesn't reduce the cancer anymore like it did for the first 6 months. It is now keeping it stable. The scan Friday will give us a clearer picture as to whether it is still, in fact, keeping the cancer stable.

Thank you for your continued prayer, love and support.



quig said...

We are continuing to pray for God's healing!!!

nbta said...

As John says...we are continuing to pray for God's healing!

Nancy said...

To quiq and nbta: thank you for your faithfulness in remembering Matthew and praying for his healing. God continues to sustain us with His strength through the prayers of His precious ones like you who pray, love and encourage us!