Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Take your flexibility pill!

All-righty-then!  Do you remember the entry yesterday that gave you the "update" on Matthew's current schedule?  Well, forget it all. Ha!

We did, in fact, go to the scheduled chemo appt to begin the week of chemo yesterday.  They always take blood levels on the first day - routine.  What we didn't expect was that anything would be abnormal.  Matthew's platelets were low - just 96 - not bad - they treat at 100.  But... his platelets had been 160 the last time and this was a bit of a nosedive.  Plus he was getting all three chemo drugs on that day.  So, the doctor said, "No."  

So, here's the current schedule (don't put it in ink - use your pencil!):  Chemo begins next Tuesday (because of Labor Day), will go through Friday.
Then, we'll return on the following Monday to finish with a shot on Tuesday.  This will be a first to split it up like this.  We'll see.

The scan has been rescheduled for Sept 18.  We'll see the doctor the following Wednesday (Sept 23) for results.

After re-scheduling everything, Matthew & I took off for lunch.  We ate outside at Silver Spoon.  The weather was great, breeze delightful!  We talked and relaxed for quite some time.  (We also ate!)  There is a wild bird store next door so we watched tons of birds coming and going to their feeder and landing in bushes nearby.  What great entertainment!!  

After lunch, we were off to the Fresh Market to get fresh fruits and veggies to juice as well as some fresh fish.  After "juicing" later on, Matthew and friends went to Monday night cards.  

So, Matthew is looking forward to another week of feeling good.  We're looking forward to seeing a couple of movies, the UT game on Saturday, and Labor Day all without chemo side effects.  There are advantages if you look for them!  

The weather has felt a "wee bit" like fall the last 2 mornings - mmmm - preview of good weather to come!  
God bless each and every one of you!  


nbta said...

Blessing on you all! Keep looking up and we'll keep praying.

quig said...

That's right, blessings on you. Sure hope the time without treatment is wonderful... our thoughts and prayers continue..

blessings, john