Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009 update on Matthew Fay

Happy 2009!!!  Hope your January has been great so far.

It is amazing how over the past 12 months we have re-established relationships from MANY years ago (high school, college, early family friends, etc.) most of which have been through e-mail and Matthew's blog.  Whether we have spoken through computer, by phone or in person, rest assured that we are SO appreciative of you being in our lives!  As we have updated each other on our lives, love, caring and prayers have begun to flow in many directions, mounting up strength beyond belief.  Thank you for these renewed relationships.

And for those who are in our daily lives, your love and steadfast commitment to us through your prayers, strong arms and listening ears are immeasurable.  God bless you for standing by us.

The Fays had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  Ian was with us for a week at Christmas so we had a great time as a family even though we were unable to see our extended family this year.

Matthew has been taking 1 medicine (Avastin) since the end of Nov. 08.  There have been no side effects and he has been able to grow his beard back as well as a little hair on his head.  His energy level has increased and he actually went on a ski weekend with Ian and some friends. They had a blast.  It has been a fabulous break for him.

When we saw the doctor in early January, Matthew had a long discussion with the doctor as to the best treatment plan for the future.  He could continue the Avastin and wait to see if the cancer remained stable or resume the treatment of 3 meds (Avastin, Temodar & CPT 11) which could possibly give him better odds.  Even though he will return to severe side effects, loss of hair and feeling bad about 1/2 of the time, Matthew chose to resume the 3 meds.

Monday, Jan. 26, Matthew will return to the schedule he's been on for the last 6 months:  a cycle of one week (5 days) on chemo and 2 wks off.  It will be a while before a scan is done so we won't have any official word on his status until then.

Some suggestions for specifics in your prayers include:  1.  that the side effects will be minimal for Matthew;  2.  that there will be renewed effect of the meds meaning more reduction of the cancer;  3.  that Matthew will have peace as he begins a new round of extensive treatment;  
4.  that his Mom, Dad and Brother will have what we need to help Matthew in the way we need to;  5.  that new treatments will become available.

God is working in Matthew's life, without a doubt.  At the last visit, during the discussion with the doctor, he actually said that what Matthew had experienced as far as results over the last 6 months was "nothing short of miraculous."  Of course, we agreed wholeheartedly!

Again, thank you for your love, friendship, support and prayers for us.  I look forward to hearing form you.

Love and blessings,  Nancy


quig said...

Nancy, thank you for the update and the frank discussion of Matthew's future treatment plan. We will continue to hold Matthew in our thoughts and prayers. We pray always for God's healing grace Matthew and for you and your family to be blessed with His special grace. God bless you Nancy, John

Ruth W. said...

Thank you for the update Nancy, I have been thinking of Matthew, and wondering how he is doing.

I will continue to pray for you all.

nbta said...

Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that I have forwarded your latest request for prayer to all of my praying friends who may not know Matthew and his family personally but will be praying as you have suggested for all of you as members of the family of God.



Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for all of you. Thanks for the updates and the candid discussions. I'm thankful Matt was able to go skiing and know he had a wonderful time. It takes a strong person and family to endure what you all have and I'm confident that Matt will overcome this with the blessing of God and will become a living tribute to the miracles of God. Steve S.