Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More great news!

We received great news from the doctor today! The results of Matthew's recent scans showed more shrinkage of the tumors throughout Matthew's body. He has also gained another pound and the doctor feels Matthew's skin color is looking much healthier.

Praise the Lord for His love and mercy!! Thank YOU for your many prayers to God on Matthew's behalf!

Matthew will continue on the current treatment plan and will begin his next round on Monday, (Oct. 20).

Love, Nancy


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you Matt. Thank God. Love, Leslie Epling (ETSU Friend)

Anonymous said...

Praise our Awesome God! Celebratory hugs to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! The answer to many prayers.


quig said...

Great news indeed!!! Praise God! We will continue to hold you all in our hearts and pray for Matthew and your whole family... Peace, John

Dennis and Marie said...

Hi Nancy,
This is really great news. We will be watching for more in this series of miracles. Praise the Lord.
Dennis & Marie

Ruth W. said...

can't wait to hear MORE, more great news. Matthew, you are a hero to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, Tiffani C. has been my best friend since the 2nd grade. Though I went to HS with Matt and knew of him, I never "knew him" since I was a bit older. I have had the priviledge over the last year or so learning all about him and his amazing strength and courage, and what an incredible person he is. And my goodness, how blessed is he to have the parents that he has- you and your husband sound nothing short of amazing. I got to "remeet" him at Katelynn's bday party and look forward to going out with them and my husband sometime! I have read over the site a bit, and as a mom myself- I can only imagine how you have felt thru this roller coaster ride.. and even moreso, how you felt hearing the wonderful, joyous news of his progress you have just received. You all are constantly in my prayers and I thank God for this awesome news, and am certain it will continue! Thank you for being an inspiration for other parents as well :-). Go Matt!!!!
-Amy Gann