Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Riding on the wings of prayer...

Dear Friends and Family,

I would like to bring you up to date on Matthew's current situation and schedule. Yesterday (Nov. 10) began another week of chemo (This will be the usual Mon thru Fri w/ shot on Sat). Even after 2 years, Matthew does so well "taking things in stride". He is amazing!

This chemo week had a tough beginning since Matthew had a stomach virus on the weekend that was still underway Sunday evening. It was touch and go to see if he could even begin chemo yesterday. Riding on the wings of prayers of those that knew that he was sick, Matthew was able to get up and make the trip to Knoxville.

Since his bloodwork was acceptable and the virus seemed to over, the decision was made to go forward. Matthew was given extra meds to help him rest during chemo as well as to help his "post virus" symptoms. It was a long day, but thankfully he completed his treatment.

On the ways home, around 5 pm, we stopped to pick up something for Matthew to eat. (He had hardly had anything for a day and a half.) As we left the parking lot after getting the food, a driver to our left did not see us ( I believe the sun was shining right in her eyes) and came very close to "t-boning" us (better known as hitting us broad side on the driver's side). I slammed on the brakes and blew my horn...it was very, very close.

Well, since it was so unexpected, this finished Matthew off and he became so sick to his stomach we had to pull over for him. Needless to say, he didn't get to eat the food we had just purchased. We got home, Matthew ate a little bit of applesauce, laid down and went to sleep. Thank the Lord for restorative sleep! We are praying for a calmer, better day today!

Matthew is also scheduled for a Pet Scan on Friday, Nov. 21st. We'll receive results on the 25th at a follow-up doctor's visit. We will be praying for phenomenal news to add to our Thanksgiving celebration that week!!

It has been 2 years this month that we have been on this journey with Matthew. Thank you for loving us, praying for us, and supporting us through these tough times. Your faithfulness to us has been so humbling and we love you for it. God has blessed us in so many ways during this time and you definitely are a big part of His blessings! Thank you.

Love, Nancy


nbta said...

The Lord obviously has an amazing plan for Matthew's life as well as your whole family. Your journey has been an incredible testimony and we thank God for His grace, mercy, and love as He has revealed Himself to us through your lives. Thank you for being faithful and sharing life with us. As always, we will continue to pray for Matthew and your family.

Scott Harders said...

We've been sliently following this from Ohio, but wanted you to know you are in our thoughts regularly and our prayers constantly.
Scott, Maureen & boys

Ruth W. said...

I am praying along with you. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us.

Dennis and Marie said...

We will be praying for a great report on the 25th.
Love & Prayers from
Dennis & Marie Cope

quig said...

So glad you were okay.... and like everyone, we are continuing to pray and hoping for good news on the 25th.. peace, John