Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Great News for Matthew!

Are you sitting down? We had more great news yesterday that just came "out of the blue"!

Matthew had a routine doctor's visit yesterday that is always scheduled in between chemo treatments. When we arrived, the doctor had "new" news about Matthew's most recent scan.

Three weeks ago I sent you the wonderful news about that scan... that the new treatment was working. It had not only stopped the growth of the cancer but had reduced it as well.

The "new" news is that last scan was compared to the February NY scan instead of the June NY scan. As many of you may know, there was considerable growth from February until June when we received very devastating news.

So...What does this mean? It means that there has been much more reduction than we originally thought in July and we are pre-February in the size of the tumors!!! Can I hear a Praise the Lord??

Matthew has also gained some weight and felt well enough to get out this week. We're having the big 24th birthday celebration with his friends on Friday since he was in chemo on his actual day (8/8/08)!!

Matthew will resume chemo on Monday (8/25) for 5 days. He'll have 2 wks off and then another chemo week with 2 wks off before another scan is done. So, the next scan is in @ 6 weeks.

God blesses us each day but yesterday we got an extra helping! Just couldn't wait to share the great news with all of you!

Love, Nancy


Ruth W. said...

That is wonderful news and I am so happy for you all. Will keep sending prayers your way and I do thank God for starting this miracle!!

Dennis and Marie said...

Wow, what wonderful news. Love and Prayers from the Copes (CUMC members and friends of John Quigley)

quig said...

Praise God!!! Thank you for sharing. A continue to pray. Happy birthday to Matt!!! Blessings, John

nbta said...

Thanks to John Q, we too constantly pray for and remember Matt. What a journey he/you all have been on...and what a testimony you all are. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.

Bless you and may the Lord continue to do His mighty work in Matthew, your family, and in all of us who are witnessing the love of God.

Steve said...

That is great news!!! I've always known you can beat this Matt. Our prayers will continue. Remember your birthdate this year was on a date the Chinese believe to be lucky.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I gave Greg a hi-five when he shared the news. HUGS all around and remember we love you!

John, Brenna, Mollie and Tucker