Monday, August 25, 2008

No Chemo This Week

As I have shared numerous times along the way, things can change on a dime on this journey. Matthew and I went to Knoxville this morning fully expecting a week of chemo to find that Matthew's white blood cell count was too low to take treatments this week.

So...he is rescheduled to begin next Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. Hopefully his blood counts will have sufficiently recovered by then.

At least he feels good and can enjoy another week of doing some things he enjoys. He just can't be around any "sickies" because when your white count it down, you are much more susceptible to germs/viruses/etc.

One of the "upsides" is he can enjoy his Labor Day Weekend plus the first UT football game of the season! Woo hoo!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Blessings to each of you,
Love, Nancy


nbta said...

I trust the Lord's timing for all that Matthew must do is perfect. Glad he is feeling better and glad you all will be enjoying your UT football game together! We will be praying as you all go back on the 2nd. Keep the faith and keep looking up!

quig said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Blessings, john