Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunny and warmer in NYC

Today went well for Matthew's first treatment at Sloan Kettering. We were there at 9 am and left about 1:30 pm The actual treatment took 90 minutes. He is feeling well so far - so thankful for that. We go back for blood tests Tues and Thurs then we are "off" until next Monday when Matthew will have treatment #2.
Not sure when we'll be home. We'll be here at least until after the 3rd treatment, maybe longer. After the 6th treatment, more scans will be done. If the treatments are working, we'll continue them. If not we'll be done. There will be a recheck every 6 weeks to access how well the treatment is working. The doctor even ventured to say that if it works like they want it to, maybe surgery could maybe become an option by late summer. But...I'm getting ahead of step at a time!!
Matthew's treatment is called R1507. It is an antibody that is supposed to attack a certain protein in cells (in this case - the insulin-like growth factor 1 cell receptor). By blocking this protein the hope is to prevent tumor growth and cause tumor shrinking. We are praying for it's success in Matthew as well as the other 257 who will participate. If it works for us, there are potentially thousands that this could help once it is approved by FDA.
We had quite a busy weekend. We decided to splurge Saturday and go to see "The Lion King" on Broadway. It was amazing!!! Then, we woke up on Sunday and there was a note in the "house" (that's the Ronald Mc House) that there were complimentary tickets for "A Chorus Line" at 3:00 p.m. So, we were able to go!!! FREE!!!! Another fabulous time.
Greg left this afternoon and Ian left this evening. Matthew felt well enough to go hear a band with a friend of his that works here in New York. Mom, the old fogey that she is, is happy to be back at the RM house, in my room, in comfy clothes, talking to you (or should I say "typing" to you.) My feet and legs can't believe what I've done to them these past 6 days!! Matthew and I are definitely sleeping in tomorrow!!!
I'll send any knew news as we have it. Love to all, Nancy


quig said...

thank you Nancy, know we are all with you and Matthew...... blessings, john q.

Donna said...

Nancy, I'm enjoying your comments on the blog site. Jerry and I are praying for y'all and hoping for good results for Matthew's tests.
Love, Donna

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying reading the blog. What a blessing. It is an amazing story. Keep writing and we will keep praying.
Nancy Denton and Pat Aylor

Dennis and Marie said...

Wow, I am so glad you are getting to see "the sights" while Matt is being cured. I have been following Matt's journey mainly through John Quigley's blog. I am friend of John's and a member at Cherokee UM Church.
Love & Prayers from Dennis Cope

annie said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated. The entire family is in our prayers and we are praying for a miracle for Matthew.
Love to all
Ruth Ann and Jerry

LynnandLyndsey said...

How exciting to read and hear the potential good news coming from the blog. Lyndsey and I are praying for God's miracle through the doctor's and staff there in NYC. We love you.
Lynn and Lyndsey

nbta said...

Good to hear that Matthew is well enough to enjoy New York! We continue to pray and ask God for complete healing. May He pour out His
blessings on you.

nbta said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including us all in your life with your updates. We look forward to checking in with you to see how things are going. Hope Matt got his surprise from the girls. Take care of yourself as well.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, after all that Matt has been through, it's great that this treatment leaves him feeling well enough to enjoy New York (sort of?). Please keep us posted and we'll keep praying! We love y'all!
Page, Carol, Haleigh and Hunter

Ada Ann said...

Nancy and Matt, I am glad that things seem to be going so good for you two "up there". New York has so much to do and see when you feel up to it, and the RMH is a perfect place to stay. Who knew, when we would give to them, that special friends would be using their places. Take care, always remember you are deeply loved by a host of friends, and strong prayer warriors are on your side. Our God is an awesome God. Love, Ada Ann