Monday, March 24, 2008

Treatment #4

Just an update to let you know about Matthew's week home. It ended up being very difficult with alot of pain. We were in touch with New York several times and had to go to our local oncologist as well.
With pain meds in tow, Matthew was able to return to New York on Easter Sunday with his Dad to hopefully have treatment #4 today. Instead of treatment, many tests were done to try to determine the reason for the pain and fever. After a difficult day of a rollercoaster of news, Matthew's doctor determined that there was nothing alarming in the tests but that the pain is probably from the tumor.
Matthew is feeling better and the doctor has changed some of his meds and has determined that it would be ok for Matthew to get a good nights rest, and, barring any complications, have his 4th treatment tomorrow and then go home tomorrow night. So, that's the plan!!
Thanks so much for your continued prayers.


nbta said...

Will continue to pray.

quig said...

Nancy you all are constantly in our prayers.. John