Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday in NYC - rainy, dreay and cold

Good morning!
It is Saturday morning in NYC... dreary, cold, and rainy. Unfortunately, it's the 3rd day this week like this. Oh well, we needed the extra rest inside anyway.
Matthew developed a cold Wed night with a low grade fever. We went for bloodwork on Thursday and really struggled to get there, he was feeling so badly. Unfortunately, he had to "fast" and not eat 8 hours before the test which didn't help things. In addition to the clinical trial bloodwork, they did blood cultures and other tests to make sure there was no bacteria anywhere. So, thankfully, his cold was viral.
I'm glad to say that Matthew was feeling alot better last night so it looks like we are on the mend. Just in case you are wondering, this cold had nothing to do with his treatment. His next treatment is Monday morning at 10:00 a.m.
Everyone continues to be so generous to us. Greg has been invited out to eat 4 times so far so he's being well taken care of at home. Also, Greg's Sunday school class has gotten him a flight so he can come visit us next weekend. How cool is that?? Thanks SS friends!!
My nephew called me this week and said he had a friend who was able to get us tickets to the Nicks game (vs. Portland) tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Madison Square Gardens!! We will be in a "suite" with 8 chairs and it's own bathroom. We cant wait!! You da man, Kip!! So glad Matthew is better to be able to go!!
So are you ready for my "escapade" yesterday? I decided since Matthew was ok, I'd go out for a little while. I took the subway downtown to Macy's to shop. There are lots of other stores right there, too, so I thought I'd be set for a couple of hours.
I left here at 3:00. I got to Macys to realize that I needed another map similar to my subway map to find my way IN the store - 7 stories - tons of elevators - tons of people - in the store. I shopped a bit and decided to buy some "good" shoes. They were a little pricey but if they would help my feet it would be worth it.
My phone was going dead so I had it "off" until I called Matthew to check in. He told me it was raining and I said I would start heading back. I walked out of Macy's to find it was raining cats and dogs and me with no umbrella. Now what? So I started walking and getting wet. Suddenly a guy walked by me selling umbrellas for $3. Needless to say that was an amazing blessing.
So, then I started trying to hail a cab. Nothing doing. Because it is now around 5 pm, downtown NY, raining and just about every cab is full! I thought to myself I would pay a hundred dollars for a cab to just GET ME HOME!!
I stopped to got shelter in a store front area to put on my coat, scarf and gloves. I laid down my Macy's bag and when I picked it up it fell apart from being wet. So I took the shoe box out and put it in the large shoulder bag I had with me. I found a trash can and threw out the Macys bag.
I kept walking and trying to hail a cab every now and then. There were a million buses...if I only knew which one to take! Ha! By the way, have you ever tried to walk on a very crowded NY sidewalk, people going both ways.....WITH UMBRELLAS!!!
I finally walked the 8 blocks from Macy's to Grand Central to get on the subway. I stepped on the subway and the door closed ON me. Thank heavens for the guy on the subway that opened it for me to get in! (I told you it was funniest home videos!)
I got off the subway at 68th and tried to get a cab once again. I walked a block trying to do that and when I realized I had walked a block in the wrong direction, I thought I would scream!!! I am now drenched, including my shoulder bag and the shoe box IN the bag.
Finally a cab stopped to unload a passenger and motioned for me to get in next. I was so thrilled to be in the cab. I thought hugging the cab driver would have a been a little overboard so I restrained myself. He deposited me at Ronald McD and I drug myself to the 9th floor.
I announced to Matthew that I would probably never leave the house again while in New York. I told him my story and of course he laughed and eventually got me to laugh, too. I told him that the shoes I bought better be the best shoes I've had in my life!!!
Thank you for the comments on the blog. It is phenomenal that some of you don't even know us personally yet you continue to pray for and support us because your friends have asked you to!!
So many of you have asked what can you do to help us. As a need arises, we certainly will let you know. Sometimes the comment is "I guess all I can do is pray". That is the biggest thing you can do! Just think that all of you out there that are praying are a part of this miracle unfolding for Matthew. If it ends up helping others with this type of cancer also, you will be a part of that as well. Our hearts and minds are joined together in an amazing journey together. I praise the Lord for the opportunity!! Love to all, Nancy


Donna said...

Hey Nancy,
Thanks for the laugh of the day! I can't imagine how miserable you were. Think I would have just sat down and cried. Glad Matt is feeling better and the time will pass fast so you will soon be home.
Love and prayers, Jerry and Donna

Foster Home said...

Nancy and Matt,
What an adventure in NYC too bad you were all alone if only I could have seen you! I so enjoyed visiting with you this am, it was good just to hear your voice. We will continue our prayers and you press on with all that is going on in "The Big Apple" Hopefully your adventure to Madison Square Garden will be uneventful compared to Macy's maheim!!!! Love and miss you, Martha

Anonymous said...

Ah the things a gal will do for a new pair of shoes! I'm glad you all are having such a great time, and I'm praying for all of you. Love, Lesley Swann