Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good News for Tuesday

Thankfully Matthew was able to take treatment #4 today and he & Greg will be coming home tonight!
They are taking the late flight because it is a direct flight with no stops. I'll pick them up about midnight.
Matthew is on an antiobiotic, his fever is coming down, and he actually had some Fruit Loops this morning. I just received a text from Greg that the treatment is over and they are heading back to Ronald McDonald House to rest before the plane ride. Hopefully, that will build Matthew's energy for the trip.
We are praising the Lord for good news today!


Anonymous said...

Hello Fays. It was so good to read about Matt's progress & that the drs have a plan of attack. I had to smile at your "shopping" experience (glad you kept a sense of humor!) and Matt's Nicks game (yea VOLS, too). Stay strong - I know good things will happen. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Angie and Joe

Ruth W. said...

Nancy, I am so happy that Matthew was able to get his 4th treatment and return home to recuperate. I do think about you and your family daily and am astounded with the courage Matthew has. God will reward him, for that I am certain of. God pless you all..

nbta said...

So glad Matt gets to come home so quickly. Home is a good place to be. Know we will continue to pray.

quig said...

Great news!! It will be good to be at home... We continue to pray.