Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No School This Fall

We have finally gotten the final word on the plan of attack for Matthew at this point. Since the chemo has continued to work on the cancer, the Oncologist from Vanderbilt wants to continue with two more cycles which will begin on July 30 and continue through November when another scan will be done. With this new plan, school is out of the picture for now for Matthew which is a big dissappointment. We are adjusting to the additional 4 months of treatment and are kind of glad we didn't know we'd still be at this when we started last December!!
Thank you all for hanging in there with us with your love, prayers and support! That and the love of our great God is what will continue to sustain us! Love, Nancy


quig said...

Hi Nancy - Thank you for the update. I know that in the short term you are sad about haveing to continue but it looks like the progress that is being made will be fruitful in the end. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Matt and your family. We will be waiting for Matt to return whenever he can. God bless you. Peace, john

nbta said...

We'll keep up the prayers. Keep the faith and keep looking up! mark

Anonymous said...

We'll continue praying, too. Mimi and Deanna

Ruth W. said...

well are ALL praying for Matthew..He has shown such courage and I know God will reward him. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

kick its ass, Matt.

David Bendana said...

Matt, we're thinking about you in the near 100 degree heat down here in New Orleans.

Keep plugging.

The Bendanas.

Anonymous said...


Tomorrow is NOT a fun day for us in the office, with classes starting. Hope you're doing better. Please have your mom post any news about your latest rounds of treatment. I know you'd rather be here with us. Miss you, buddy!

In Prayer,
Tim Dills

Anonymous said...

Joe and I think of you all every day and I know it takes immense courage and determination to tackle something like this. It's very evident that Matt is a fighter and I know all the love, support and prayers from family and friends lift him up when he needs it most. Love to you all,

Jen Ouellet said...

If you could hear the sweet words of my almost 3 year old, (and your cousin, once removed, I think), Jade, every night saying her prayers, it would melt your heart. She prays for "God to take Cousin Matt's cancer away". And He can't disappoint the little ones now can he? :o) You are in our hearts and prayers daily. Stay strong Matt!! And come out for a nice well deserved San Diego vacation when all this is behind you!
Love, Jen