Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm back!!

Sorry I've been off the blog for so long. To say that life has been busy is the biggest understatement you can imagine! I do want to bring you guys up to speed on the latest. Matthew had chemo from August through the end of October. Since he's over 3 weeks away from his last chemo, he's really feeling pretty good.
Matthew had scans last week and we got the results on Wednesday (the 14th). The results were what the doctor called "marginal", no big change. Apparently, Matthew's body has built up resistance to the chemo drug he was taking making it ineffective.
The doctor has suggested a new drug which has been in use for 3 years. He will also be checking with Matthew's doctor at Vanderbilt to see if there are any new treatments on the horizon. We are prepared to go to any of the major cancer research hospitals that would be a help to Matthew.
We go back to the doctor in 2 weeks when we'll know whether we start the new drug right away or be on the road to see a new doctor. We appreciate your prayers in this regard.
Greg has declared that these 2 weeks are a "vacation from cancer." Since there's nothing else we can do until we see the doctor and Matthew's is feeling ok, we're going to be as normal as possible until then. We are looking forward to Ian coming in from D.C. for Thanksgiving!! Maybe we'll have another early "Black Friday" shopping spree like last year!!


quig said...

Thanks for the update - Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Matthew and your whole family.. God bless you all, john

nbta said...

We will continue to pray and ask the Lord to move on your behalf.
If you come to Nashville to see the doctors at Vanderbilt...and you need a friend while you are here, I'll be available. Bless you and keep the faith. Mark

Unknown said...

I am a friend of John Q. and I have been following Matthew's progress for many months. I was sorry to read about the latest set back but I will be praying that the next step will lead to the cure the Lord has already set in place. May the Lord be with you during this time of Thanksgiving and bless your family with the peace it deserves.
Dennis Cope

Ruth W. said...

Matthew..I do think and pray about you daily and will continue to do so, until I hear God has blessed you with a cure. I can not think of anyone more deserving than you. Be strong, and remember, there are many of us out here in blogland who love and pray for you daily.