Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas/New Year's Update

Sorry we've haven't updated the blog recently. The last 3 weeks have been busy yet good. Matthew had a rough week immediately after his first two days of chemo. The following 2 treatments which were on the two Thursdays following (the 14th & 21st) were light and fairly uneventful. Christmas week was Matthew's week off from treatments during which time he has had some very good days.
Ian left this evening after spending almost 2 full weeks with us. The 4 of us have had a great time watching movies, eating, sleeping in and laughing.
Next Tuesday, Matthew begins his second month of treatment with a completely new regemen of medication. The treatments will be everyday, Tues thru Fri, from 8:30 a.m. thru the majority of the day. Then, he has 3 weeks off before returning to the treatment schedule he had in December.
Thanks to you all for the encouraging comments and amazing cards!! Your prayers and support are truly amazing! God is so good and gives us the grace to meet each and every day!
We pray for a blessed New Year for each of you!


Fargo447 said...

Whoever you are please comment my blog, i am desperate, I have two blogs, Fargos Music Mania and Yo Thoughts, please comment, i have much to say!

Anonymous said...

Matt - We are thinking of you! I hope this week goes by quickly for you. Will they use a Sprite can again for the treatment? :) I sent a hug home to you via Greg on Sunday - I hope he shared it!

Unknown said...

nancy- if you can - please get in touch with me - my son Michael Joffrey has DSRCT -diagnosed in sept 2010 we live in dallas - going to md anderson -
supposed to have surgery with dr andrea hayes jordan
thats how i found your blog -
i am crying now when i read your last entry - that you lost your Matthew this past June- am so very very sorry for your family
i can't even let myself think of losing joffrey
write me back if you can
thank you
We know the Lord Jesus as our Saviour too , but this is a trial for any family-
take care - rebecca swieczkowski