Thursday, January 14, 2010

Surgery is cancelled for Jan 14

Wednesday morning Matthew's doctors decided to cancel his surgery due to the results of the scans/CT's/tests of the past 2 days. (It is not off the table - only postponed.)

The positive is that the cancer has not spread and his liver enzymes and bilirubin numbers are good. Unfortunately, the liver radiation treatment in December did not make enough improvement in the liver to make it in good enough shape for the abdominal surgery.

Sooooo...... the plan is to do a more conventional type of targeted radiation to the liver along with chemotherapy that helps the cancer as well as makes the liver more radiosensitive for the radiation. We see the radiologist tomorrow and Matthew will probably begin the new treatment next week. We'll be here for at least 2 weeks, may get to come home for awhile and then will return for repeated tests to see if surgery may be an option in March.

It was tough to hear but the decision was made by both the Oncologist and the Surgeon. We knew it had to be the right thing. We also know it has to be right because we (and you) have and continue to pray for God's guidance and His plan to be accomplished. We are claiming that today.

We were able to catch Stan before he boarded the plane and saved him the trip. Tiffani wanted to come on anyway. Looks like we are in for a few days of movies and eating out - a mini-vacation, if you will.

We will see the Radiologist today (Jan. 14) and Matthew will begin treatment next Tues.

We are regrouping and praying for the grace to be flexible. I told the guys that it's like training for a big race in the Olympics, getting your feet in the starting blocks and having the race canceled for a later date that is undecided!

I will continue to send updates when we know more about the upcoming schedule. We cherish your love and support.



quig said...

We will continue to pray... Our thoughts are with you all and we know that God will guide the MDs in their decision making. Blessings, John

nbta said...

How great is your faith!
Father, we ask again for complete healing for Matthew. May YOU be glorified and may the world see YOUR Love and Kindness sweep through the nations.

Anonymous said...

Marriot Points...
Hmmm I don't know much about that, but we do have a rather large home about 20 minutes from Houston's med. center. I am reviewing the site because a VERY dear friend of ours has just been diagnosed and is frequenting MD Anderson. May sound crazy...but contact me if your "points" run out.
Jeanne Newsom - Pearland, TX

Jeanne said...

I can be emailed at