Monday, December 14, 2009

SIRsphere treatment

Matthew and I will return to Houston this Wednesday (Dec. 16). Matthew will have a SIRsphere treatment on Thursday at MD Anderson 11:00 CST. This treatment is targeted radiation to the tumors in his liver. We will come home on the 20th to share Christmas with our family in Clinton.

We will return to MD Anderson in January for additional tests and surgery to remove all the cancer located outside the liver (in the abdomen area). There will likely be followup liver and chemo treatment. We will stay approximately 5 to 6 weeks at that time.

We are praising God for our Christmas miracles! May each of you have a blessed Christmas!!



nbta said...

Praying and praising God as we witness your testimony of faith. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

quig said...

yes, yes - we continue to pray for Matthew, you and your family... we will be with you in spirit during the treatment and over the Christmas holiday and as you move forward in the new year... blessings to you all.

Nancy said...

Thank you both! You are so faithful to us in your encouragement and prayers! It means SO much!