Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Matthew is the big "25"!

Dear Friends and Family,
Matthew just celebrated his 25th birthday!  We've stretched the celebrating over a couple of weeks.  Ian was here the last week of July, Matthew took a trip to Gatlinburg on his actual day (the 8th), and we had a celebration with friends yesterday.  He has felt well and enjoyed his celebration!

With a vacation trip and Matthew's birthday, it's been 5 weeks since his last chemo rather than 3.  The extra 2 weeks have been great for Matthew.  Today, we return to chemo for the week (Aug 10 - 14).  

Next week is Matthew's recovery week at the end of which we will travel to Virginia Beach to be with family.  We have rented a beach house (the same one we did 3 years ago).  Ian will be in for the week with us as well.  We look forward to being with family and enjoying the beach.  

We do not have a scan scheduled at this point but imagine when we see the doctor next we will discuss it.  

Our prayer requests this week include:  1.  that this week of chemo will be very effective on the cancer; 2.  that Matthew's side effects will not be too extensive (the heat adds to the discomfort); 3.  that Matthew will have a quick week of recovery so that he can enjoy his trip and week at the beach.

Thank you for your prayers, your love, your support and joining us in celebrating Matthew's 25th birthday.  God's blessings are evident in our lives.

Love, Nancy
ps - I bought a bracelet this weekend that says, "God surrounds us by His grace."  May each of you feel His grace surrounding you today!


Anonymous said...

Nancy: Please give Matt a huge birthday hug from me and my best wishes for continued success in his fight for health. I'll continue to pray daily for Matt and your family. Carolyn Massello

quig said...

Thank you for the update Nancy - we continue to pray for Matthew and all of your family - sure hope his trip to VB is filled with Joy - my son and his family will be there some time this month - maybe you will be sharing the beach!!! May peace and continued healing be with you all. Blessings, John

nbta said...

"God surrounds us by His grace."
Amen and amen! Bless you all.

Ruth W. said...
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