Sunday, February 22, 2009

The journey continues...

Tomorrow will be one month since I updated everyone on Matthew.  Hard to believe, but he has completed 2 full weeks of chemotherapy (the week of Jan 26 & this past week).  Thank you so much for your specific prayers because Matthew's side-effects these two rounds have certainly been there but not as severe as previous times as well as the fact that he has had an amazing spirit and peace about him as he has returned to this grueling schedule. 

The rest of us have felt the strength and support of your prayers as we help and support Matthew day to day.  It still doesn't get any easier seeing him suffer and face such unbelievably tough challenges but as his doctor told him 2 1/2 years ago - "This is your job now, Matthew" - and it is our job to be on the journey with him every step of the way.

Saturday and Sunday after the week of chemo is the most difficult but after the January round, Matthew started feeling a little better on Monday which is earlier than usual.  We are praying for the same thing tomorrow (Monday).   (btw:  There isn't a scan scheduled at this point. Matthew will have at least another week of treatments and maybe more before one is put on the calendar.)

If all goes well in Matthew's recuperation process this week, he and I are planning a trip to visit family on Thursday.  We plan to see Ian in DC first and then take him with us to Va Beach to visit the rest of our family.  This week is my Mom's 88th birthday so we are exited to be there for the celebration.  It'll be laid back and flexible to take Matthew's rest schedule into account. We are praying for traveling mercies as well as physical stamina for Matthew & I.  (Also, that Mom will not be too overwhelmed with the large family get-together.  We can get pretty rowdy! Ha ha!!)

There are many that read these words and each of you face challenges in your lives, big and small, including the uncertainty of the economic situation in our country.  My prayer for you is that you will find some peace, calmness, and strength in each day and that God will bless you with His goodness.

Love to each of you,


nbta said...

Thanks for the update. We continue to think of Matthew, you, and your family...and praying the Lord will continue to bless you all. Your faith and love is a testimony of God's love and a great encouragement to us all.

quig said...

Hi Nancy -

Thank you for the update. As Mark said, we continue to pray for Matthew and for all of you. I hope his treatments continue well and that you are able to have a wonderful trip to visit Ian and your mother.

Blessings, John