Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Scan Results

We went to the doctor today to receive the results from Matthew's Petscan from last Friday. The good news is that the tumor has reduced an additional 40% for the last scan meaning a total of 80%. We are so thankful for that! Unfortunately, Matthew will have to have another cycle of chemo and we're a little down about that today. But we know that's the only option and it is, in fact, working!! Matthew's doctor will be consulting the Oncologist at Vanderbilt that we saw in December about the decision to do the additional chemo. If he concurs, Matthew will start up within the next couple of weeks and will take about 8 weeks to complete before we can do another scan.
Thanks again for your prayers, notes, and encouraging words. We'll keep you posted!!


quig said...

Thank God for that reduction. I am sorry that Matthew has to have another round of chemo. We will continue to pray and pray and pray... Blessings, john

nbta said...

Amen to John's comments...if you come down to Vanderbilt again and need someone to visit and pray with you, please let me know.

May the Lord bless you all and may His healing hand touch Matthew.