Thursday, March 15, 2007

One more to go!

Matthew got the majority of his 5th treament behind him this week. He has two more subsequent follow-up meds the next 2 Tuesdays. Then, he'll have one last treatment in April - one last marathon week of 5 fulls days in a row. After that, more tests will be done to see what the next step will be.
So far this week, Matthew has only had one "bad" day. He had shots today which usually affect him within a day or so. Please pray for him as he makes it through the weekend.
As I began this new post, I looked at the title that Ian gave this blog originally - "Unbelievable". As we have settled into "what has to be done" from day to day, it is still unbelievable that we are in the midst of this journey. I reallybelieve that the strength that we have received from the amazing number of prayers that go up daily for Matthew and our family has made it possible to laugh, get an occassional good night's sleep, take each challenge as it comes, and try not to be overwhelmed with what the future holds.
Love to you all - Nancy

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quig said...

We continue to pray daily for Matthew and for you and your family. Thank you for keeping us posted. Matthew is an inspiration to all of us. Blessings, John Q.