Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Great News!!

We received great news from Matthew's scan! His tumor has reduced at least 40%!!
There is also reduction elsewhere, we just don't have specific dimensions. After Matthew completes this week of chemo, he will have 2 more rounds of treatment which will take him to the end of April . At that point the doctor says we will "re-access" with other tests and see what we do from there. We are thrilled and praising the Lord for this miracle!! Know your prayers being heard. Celebrate with us!!


Anonymous said...

This is Wonderful news!! I check this blog nearly everyday to see what the latest is....I love you ALL so much and miss you!

With all my love and prayers!

Melissa Jewett

Anonymous said...

Praise God! That is such good news! You have been on my heart, in my thoughts, in my prayers. We will continue to pray...we love you.
Jayne Lea (for all of us!)

Anonymous said...

We are so celebrating! This is such good news! Matt, Nancy,'re all in our prayers.
Deanna, Dr. Miller, and all your friends at ETSU!

nbta said...

We've been praying for Matthew for ahwile and so glad to read this post today. Quig sent me your information and I have had you on our weekly prayer list that goes out to a few hundred people. Look to Jesus, keep the faith, and know the Lord hears and loves His children. Blessings.

quig said...

What great news..... Oh my gosh that is just beautiful news.... you know we are with you everyday Matthew.... God bless you, john

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt! We've been thinking about you and praying for you. People at my church have been asking about you, and I'll be sure to tell them about how good you're doing! Hang in there.
-Patti Mitchell (and Steven McMillan by default) :)

Ruth W. said...

Way to go Matt...keep up the great work!! You have this good friend (Quig)who has asked all of us to keep you in our thougths and prayers. So I have, and it seems to be working.

Anonymous said...

What incredible news!!!!!!!!!! Matt, we are all so very proud of you. It was great to see you at church on Disciple Now weekend. I almost couldn't believe my eyes!

We are just so happy for you and will continue to pray for this to just go away.

John, Brenna, Mollie & Tucker Smith