Sunday, November 26, 2006


We've had an amazing Thanksgiving Weekend at the Fay's house in Clinton, TN!! Matthew came in from ETSU on Wednesday evening. Ian flew in from D.C. on Thursday afternoon. We have laughed, eaten, laughed, slept, laughed, shopped, laughed and eaten some more!!

To explain the picture that Ian has included up top... on Friday morning, the 4 Fays (or should I say "FAYS 4") got up at 4 a.m. to make a treck to HHGregg to buy a TV. So not like the Fay's at all, but we had a blast!! No one was allowed to stay home, it was a complete "Fay Adventure"!

Ian flies back to D.C. today but will be back in a few weeks for Christmas! Whoo hoo!

Tomorrow, Greg, Nancy and Matthew will make a trip to Nashville to see doctors at Vanderbilt Hospital to find out the next step in the treatment for Matthew. We certainly appreciate all of your love and prayers as we continue on this journey.

Between Ian and Nancy (that's me!), we'll keep you all up to speed! God bless each of you. "We thank God for every remembrance of you!" (to quote my good friend, the apostle Paul!)


Unknown said...

Sounds just like the Fay's !!!!!!
I know your trip to HHGregg was a success and well worth the effort.(4a.m.??) Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!
Love and Kisses to all.
Ber, Jack and Amanda

Anonymous said...

Just passing through and bumped into this site. Good stuff.
Carol and I have you in our prayers on a daily basis here in Ohio. Matt, being a chin-up guy, will get through this just fine. This blog is a good tool going forward. Ian, well... you know. Good job.

Anonymous said...

God love all of you! Not a day goes by without Ken and I thinking of you and all you've been through. We love you guys soooo much! Keep your chins up....
Carol a.k.a. Batgrl1

P.S.----Prayers and Angels are surrounding you ;o)

Patricia in TN said...

Praying for you all. Jeff, my husband, has had cancer twice in the last few years and is now in complete remission. I have definitely been reminded of the power of prayer. God bless you all. Patricia Fox Hogue